The Certificate Authority Racket

With Google’s move to begin interpreting SSL encryption on a website as a factor that goes into determining a site’s rank, no doubt the webmasters of the world are beating a path to the doors of the Certificate Authorities which provide the sought-after bits of code that enable your browser to connect to a  site […]

A representation of the scammy nature of certificate authorities


Honor Among Thieves: The Tonymacx86 hypocrisy becomes a story 14

Well, this was unexpected. The very last post here has garnered me a “DMCA” takedown notice from an unspecified “Tonymacx86 legal”. Why all the scare quotes, you ask? Because the message I received isn’t worth the bytes used to compose it. I’d assume receiving such a notice would be rather intimidating. But… well, let’s just have a look shall […]

Hypocrisy, thy name is Tonymacx86 16

Or: Why do I keep getting install failures when I try to use UniBeast? So I’ve spent this past weekend in a kind of interesting situation. I own two macs, you see. One at home (which is very much dead, after a rollover accident which saw it chucked out the window, and Apple wanted north of […]

Cannot be trusted