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Shenanigans upon a thousand equally unprecedented shenangians

Community management philosophies

I’ve been on both sides of web communities over my years. From a medium sized board of anime enthusiasts many years ago, to a 4chan janitor, to a subreddit, and now, most recently, a small cluster of IRC channels… I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen some shit. From trolls, dox, suicide threats, stalkers, all the way to the more mundane spam and off topic posts, there’s a lot to learn and little time to do it.

Microcorruption: Watching the slow decline of Reddit

Reddit has, again, astounded me with the depths of awful behavior they continue to plumb as the days and hours go on. If they’re not boosting certain political candidates and suppressing others, or suppressing posts about a political candidate because they’re too damn popular, or engaging in blatant politically-motivated censorship now they’ve stooped to locking out all non-American schools in their “secret Santa” exchange, known as Reddit Gifts. Reddit runs a number of these exchanges every year, for various topics.

GIT GUD: A call to elevate your play

Another day, another slew of posts on the web crapping on gamers. Ever notice how these all seem to come out at the same time? Someone should look into that… I’ve seen a couple articles along these lines, but we’re paying attention to the one from Rock Paper Shotgun. This opinion piece opens with the proclamation: A really unpleasant gaming trend is getting louder and louder of late, where it’s considered of vital importance to observe when other people are “bad” at games.