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GIT GUD: A call to elevate your play

Another day, another slew of posts on the web crapping on gamers. Ever notice how these all seem to come out at the same time? Someone should look into that… I’ve seen a couple articles along these lines, but we’re paying attention to the one from Rock Paper Shotgun. This opinion piece opens with the proclamation: A really unpleasant gaming trend is getting louder and louder of late, where it’s considered of vital importance to observe when other people are “bad” at games.

A case for increasing pep8 line limits

After some work on a recent project, I started tripping over PEP8 (which is the Python style guide of reference, used by most everyone and their tools), specifically the requirement to use no more than 79 characters in a single line. A read of these requirements sounds mostly sane. The idea being twofold, that: Extremely long lines mean that you’re probably trying to cram too much functionality into a line, and should refactor your code It’s easier for people to read lots of content vertically than it is to read horizontally So far, so good.

Undertale: 2015 game of the year

This game’s definitely been making the rounds as of late. If you follow any gaming sites at all, you’ve probably been seeing 8 bit dogs, one-eyed skeletons, blue fish women, other random black and white characters, and wondering what in the sweet merciful hell the internet has gotten itself enamored with this week. The launch trailer does a good job of whetting your appetite for what it’s all about: What it’s all about, is one of the most charming, memorable, and emotional games of 2015.