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Undertale: 2015 game of the year

This game’s definitely been making the rounds as of late. If you follow any gaming sites at all, you’ve probably been seeing 8 bit dogs, one-eyed skeletons, blue fish women, other random black and white characters, and wondering what in the sweet merciful hell the internet has gotten itself enamored with this week. The launch trailer does a good job of whetting your appetite for what it’s all about: What it’s all about, is one of the most charming, memorable, and emotional games of 2015.

The King, Taken: How Bungie Ripped Off Its Most Loyal Fans

If you’re not familiar with Bungie, the original creators of the Halo series, and most recently, their MMO-come-FPS Destiny, I daresay you’ve been living under the video game equivalent of a rock. Destiny takes the better parts of a Halo-esque world design, mixes it with a Borderlands-like loot system, and serves up some deliciousness that is now one of the most fun experiences available on the modern console generations. At least, that was the case until their latest expansion, “The Taken King” (known as TTK).

Modern Tape Backup - The Why

Ask a sysadmin nowadays about tape backup, and you’ll get a lot of answers, most of them negative. Here are some choice quotes from a question (is tape backup viable nowadays?) floated to some friends and a few IRC channels: Tape? Who uses that anymore? Nah, way too expensive and hard to deal with. We backup to spinning disks. In 2015? lol Ouch, huh? It’s no wonder people have such a negative opinion - tape is widely seen as an outmoded, unusable relic of a bygone era.