Firefox and Politics

One of the main reasons I use Brave is because it doesn't do politics. Eich may think whatever the fuck he wants, his team the same. But they seem very focused on building a privacy-respecting browser and standalone Internet services.

The team at Vivaldi definitely has people who disagree with Eich. I like them too, why? Because they keep browser-making and their politics separate, and "politics" in their context mostly translates to user control and privacy, as it does at Brave. Both teams understand that they're there to make a tool, and that's it.

Mozilla is just the reverse: It's about activism first, a browser second. And their "rebellion" is a $400 million Google dollar one.

I know one thing: When I see a privacy-friendly organization saying we need more than deplatforming and to tweak feeds to suit political agendas, I bail.

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