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Chess cheaters and those who Stan them

Not only do I believe Hans is an unrepentant and habitual cheat, I believe there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to bar this lying edgelord from professional chess for the rest of his life.

Firefox and Politics

I know one thing: When I see a privacy-friendly organization saying we need more than deplatforming and to tweak feeds to suit political agendas, I bail.

Restoring your hacked Switch to stock without a NAND backup

You will have a stock switch at the end of the process, and assuming you were careful with your homebrew usage, your switch will not be banned either. I have done this personally a couple of times and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Community Moderation Philosophies

Over these years, I’ve picked up a few general rules.. call them philosophies, axioms, or whatever less-pretentious word you want, but it breaks down to some hard lessons I’ve learned the hard way

The Certificate Authority Racket

That’s an awful nice website you have there, would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

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On Mozilla & CEOs

While Eich is free to contribute to any political cause he sees as valid, the rest of the wold is also free to critically evaluate his actions and act accordingly.