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Modern Tape Backup - The Why

Ask a sysadmin nowadays about tape backup, and you’ll get a lot of answers, most of them negative. Here are some choice quotes from a question (is tape backup viable nowadays?) floated to some friends and a few IRC channels: Tape? Who uses that anymore? Nah, way too expensive and hard to deal with. We backup to spinning disks. In 2015? lol Ouch, huh? It’s no wonder people have such a negative opinion - tape is widely seen as an outmoded, unusable relic of a bygone era.

Reddit No More: Why I Quit and Erased 5 Years of Posts

Author note: This article has been slightly rewritten since its original posting on 2015/09/03 - mostly formatting and wording changes Ah reddit.. the front page of the internet.. once described by its founders as a place for free speech and free discussion. Until 2015. 2015 brought us the age of mass censorship, lies upon lies, and the exposure of the full depth of the corruption of the moderators of Reddit’s default communities (those seen when not logged into the site, which represents the great majority of their users.

Social Justice 'Censorship'

If you’ve followed the news at all recently, you’ve probably heard of a few incidents in the tech and entertainment worlds. GamerGate comes to mind, as does the resignation of Brendan Eich from Mozilla. These cases may not seem immediately connected - on their face, one is about a bunch of video game enthusiasts raging against the rampant corruption in that industry, the other is about a CEO (leaving/being forced to leave) Mozilla after it came out that he made donations to anti-marriage-equality groups.