The King, Taken: How Bungie Ripped Off Its Most Loyal Fans

If you’re not familiar with Bungie, the original creators of the Halo series, and most recently, their MMO-come-FPS Destiny, I daresay you’ve been living under the video game equivalent of a rock. Destiny takes the better parts of a Halo-esque world design, mixes it with a Borderlands-like loot system, and serves up some deliciousness that is now one of the most fun experiences available on the modern console generations.

The Certificate Authority Racket

With Google’s move to begin interpreting SSL encryption as a factor that goes into determining a site’s rank, no doubt the webmasters of the world are beating a path to the doors of the Certificate Authorities which provide the sought-after bits of code that enable your browser to connect to a site without being snooped on by others, whether those be kiddies on the coffee shop wi-fi, or the kiddies who happen to work for the federal government.