Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom to Spam

Irrelevant speech is noise. Freedom of speech is freedom to speak to those who might want to hear, not to push ads and spam and porn on those who don't want it. There's no freedom of speech in a night club. If there's noise you can't speak.

It doesn't stop with porn, if you're on a social platform to connect with friends and all you see is political things you don't care about, that's noise too.

If a social media platform doesn't let you suppress things you don't want to see, that's a problem with the platform.

If a social media platform doesn't let you suppress speech you don't want others to hear, problem is with you.

If you're trying to muddle the waters of free speech with false narratives and strawman arguments like spam and porn, that's just cheap manipulation.

This has nothing to do with values, if someone doesn't want to see porn, he should be able to avoid it, and if someone wants to see porn he should be able to see it. Spam is by definition something nobody wants to see.

Only collectivists and authoritarians would start going off on "society" values as if their values are superior enough to warrant forcing.

machina_ex_deus, Hacker News


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