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Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom to Spam

This has nothing to do with values, if someone doesn’t want to see porn, he should be able to avoid it, and if someone wants to see porn he should be able to see it. Spam is by definition something nobody wants to see.

Firefox and Politics

I know one thing: When I see a privacy-friendly organization saying we need more than deplatforming and to tweak feeds to suit political agendas, I bail.

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On Sources

Fortunately in this year 2015 we have a thing called hyperlinks via which evidence for assertions can be easily provided. If you treat op-eds from ‘unreliable’ sources as unreliable, fine. If you refuse to even check well-cited articles from ‘unreliable’ sources, you’re probably more interested in ideological correctness than truth.

The math of piracy

Piracy loses a potential sale, and theft loses a potential sale and access to a physical product. Therefore, given the following equation: